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The purpose of the image rendering is to believe it is real.

Virtual images can be very useful, when you have to communicate on something that doesn't exist. Prototypes are not always suitable, because of their poor aspect. Photoshop is not always a good solution. The prototype itself is sometimes too expensive, in the case of jewelry for instance.

In some other cases, a good technical communication needs to explain the inside of an expensive product, which should be destroyed to realise the picture.

Once the 3D model digitalised, different versions of the product can be easily done, with other colours, or materials.

The five real advantages of a photorealistic rendering image ...
  1. Virtual reality is non destructive. One can make as many cross-sections in a product without damaging expensive items.
  2. As the name suggests, virtual means "not real". You can therefore show a picture of your product even before it is prototyped (useful when catalogs have to be printed fore a Fair !).
  3. With a 3D file of your product, you can easily show different finishes or color and create a product family at a lower cost.
  4. Industry often produces large and heavy stuff. Most of the time, it is difficult and expensive to move them to the photograph. It is even difficult to transform a workshop into a photo studio. Photorealistic rendering solves easily this problem.
  5. Digital products have one more advantage, ... they are easily convertible in a PDF 3D !

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The world of Aldebaran.

I am a real great fan of the comic strip serie   "The world of Aldebaran".I took recently some time to modelise one of the vehicles of this fantastic serie. You can watch the result here below and don't hesitate to have a look at the original books.   The PDF 3D of the Antares tractor is here ...

Author : Leo / Edition : Dargaud   Official website.

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Design with a heart.

Each year, the association "Handicap International" organize a competition to reward the best inventions that assist people with disabilities.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of this great competition, "Design with a heart" I proposed to model some of the most beautiful creations. Here are a few of them. You can find the original inventions on the website of    "Handicap International Belgium."

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